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The University of Saskatchewan is strong in many disciplines, ranking fourth in biotechnology and scientific research worldwide, top 10 in science, one of the top 20 engineering colleges in North America by Gourman Report, and the first in Canada in the research influence of computer science.

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Domestic University rankings:

Canadian McLean Medical Doctoral University ranked ninth in 2013

Canadian Research Infosource Inc. ranked 11th in domestic universities in 2012

Global College Network (4ICU) ranked 16th in domestic universities in 2013

Domestic law schools rank:

Canada's McLean School of Law ranked 10th in 2012

Ranking of Universities in the World

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The University of Saskatchewan ranks the world's top two universities:

ARWU World University of Shanghai Jiaotong University ranks 201-300 in 2012

US News-QS World University ranks 293 in 2012

In 2015, USNEWS published the world university ranking for the first time, ranking 473.

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World Professional Ranking

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QS Global Business School Top 200 2013 - US-Canada Business School MBA ranking - 43

QS University Discipline Rank 2012 - Engineering - Civil & Structural 194

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QS University Subject Rank 2012 - Geography 196

QS University Subject Rank 2012 - Pharmacy 200

Shanghai Jiaotong University ranks 151-200 in the discipline field of the world university-Engineering/Technology and Computer Science (Engineering) in 2012

2012 Shanghai Jiaotong University ranked 151-200 in the world university disciplines - Life Science and Agriculture (Life)