How to Get a Diploma from Waikato University


University Foundation Program

Calculus, statistics, accounting, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, social science entry, comparative culture, first-level English and second-level English (compulsory), language and study (compulsory).

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Undergraduate courses in accounting, economics, finance, human resource management, information systems management, international management, management communication, manufacturing management, marketing, public relations, strategy management, logistics management, tourism management, Maori media, hotel management, USA Research, anthropology, Chinese, pedagogy, English, French, geography, German, linguistics, mathematics, music, New Zealand studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, film and media studies, Spanish, drama, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Demography, Public Policy, Social Policy, Sociology, Maori Culture, Tourism, Women and Gender Studies, Chamber Music, Composition, Digital Music, Performance, Performance Techniques, Pop Music, Western Music History , Maori song and dance in traditional and modern environments, English studies, media studies, computer science, mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, computer technology, graphics and multimedia, information systems, Internet applications, networks, software development, application computers, engineering Science, biochemical engineering, electronic engineering, materials and systems Cheng, Mechanical Engineering, Animal Behavior, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Electronics, Environmental Planning, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, Technology Education, Maori and Pacific Development, Maori, Maori Culture Wait.fake University of New Zealand diploma

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Postgraduate course accounting, agribusiness, future business and leadership, economics, environment and management, finance, human resource management, international management, management communication, management system marketing, public relations, social enterprise, logistics management, tourism and Hotel management, tourism and hotel management - visitor management and more.