And Putin Finished The Call Trump: The United States Will Have A Lot of Trade With Russia


The investigation of Trump’s “TongRumen” investigation ended with the conclusion that “it did not collude with Moscow”. On May 3, local time, Trump and the Russian President Putin made a phone call. A chat is more than an hour. buy fake UK University diploma, buy fake US university diploma, buy fake Malaysian University degree, buy fake Australian diploma, buy fake Canadian diploma, buy fake Singapore University.

According to today's Russia (RT) report, after the call, Trump told reporters at the White House that they discussed trade and other issues and agreed with Putin's desire to improve Russia-US trade relations. Trump said, "We intend to trade a lot with Russia." "Putin is willing to start trade, and we are willing."

According to the White Paper published by the White House, Trump also said that it is a very good thing to have a good relationship with Russia. It is not a bad thing.

According to RT, according to Russian customs statistics, the trade volume between Russia and the United States last year was about 25 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.86% compared with 2017. However, Washington has imposed restrictions on many Russian individuals and companies and various sectors of the Russian economy, and its sanctions war against Moscow has hampered more fruitful cooperation. In response, Moscow has banned the import of food from the United States.

On the 3rd, Trump held a telephone conversation with Putin. CNN said that White House spokesman Sanders confirmed that the two-person telephone talks lasted more than an hour.

Trump also introduced the talks on Twitter on the 3rd. He said that he had a long and very good conversation with Putin. "As I have always said, good relations with Russia, China and all countries are a good thing, not a bad thing... We discussed trade, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea... even the 'Treasure of the United States', very effective Talk!"