Indonesia Sinks 51 Fishing boats, Mostly From Vietnam



Overseas Network May 5th Local time May 4th, as part of the illegal crackdown on fishing activities, the Indonesian government "sinked" 51 foreign vessels, most of which came from Vietnam. fake UK University diploma, fake US university diploma, fake Malaysian University degree, fake Australian diploma, fake Canadian diploma, fake Singapore University 

According to the British "Guardian" news, the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Fisheries pointed out in a statement that the "sinking" actions of these vessels were held in five ports in the Indonesian archipelago, 38 of which were vessels with the Vietnamese flag.

Indonesian fishery minister Susie Phuket Asturti believes that illegal ships pose a threat to local fisheries and that "this illegal fishing is almost crazy, and we can no longer tolerate it."

Just about a week ago (April 28), a patrol ship of the Indonesian Navy had a collision or even a collision with a Vietnamese fishery ship. The Indian side accused Vietnamese ships of illegal fishing in their waters, while Vietnamese ships claimed that the waters belonged to "the front door" and the two sides "stuck".

During the conflict, 12 Vietnamese fishermen were detained by the Indians, who were detained at the naval base on Natuna Island.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. With abundant fishery resources and territorial disputes, "conflict" incidents have occurred frequently.


The Indonesian government said that since October 2014, more than 500 illegal ships have been treated as “sinked”, many of which are filled with explosives. In 2018, the Indonesian authorities also sank many foreign ships, 86 of which were vessels with the Vietnamese flag, 20 from Malaysia and 14 from the Philippines.