Introduction to UCSI


University College Sedaya International (UCSI, 2019 QS Rank: 481) was established in 1986. Buy fake UCSI diploma, buy fake University College Sedaya International degree, buy fake Malaysian University certificate. It is approved by Malaysia's Ministry of Education, China's Ministry of Education and globally recognized overseas comprehensive universities that can grant undergraduate and master's degrees. In 2003, it became the first private university in history approved by Malaysia's Ministry of Education to offer medical courses. It is the only comprehensive private university in Malaysia that offers diversified courses.

 Teachers: Datuk Khalil Yusov, Senior Professor (President and Chairman) from the Council of the Academy of Sciences;  Professor Datuk Ahmadinejad, Chairman of the Malaysian Design Council (Vice President of the International Foreign Affairs Department), is Professor Gordon Williams from Harvard Medical School in the United States.  Professor Julie Bass (Music) from Wichita State University, USA;  Professor MASAI Yisalin, academician of the British Association of Chemical Engineers, and other professors and teachers.

 QS ranked 481st in the world in 2019, and is Malaysia's QS ranked first private university.  UCSI was rated as the world's top 100 universities in the performing arts in 2018 QS World Ranking.

 International students account for 30%, and students from 110 countries all over the world study here.