Six people died in an explosion in a mosque in the Afghan capital

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, March 21 (Reporter Chen Xin, Zou Delu) Afghan health officials confirmed on the 21st that the bombing of a mosque in the western part of Kabul in the morning had killed six people and injured 23 others. buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate, make fake diploma, make fake degree, make fake certificate, get fake diploma, get fake degree, get fake certifcate.

On-site eyewitness Muhammad Jafar said that there were three consecutive explosions in the Sahi Mosque in western Kabul on the morning of the 21st, when the Nurem Festival (Church New Year) was being held in the mosque.

Jafar told the Xinhua News Agency: "We heard a huge explosion, and then two explosions. Because the Sahi Mosque is holding a celebration, vehicles are not allowed in the vicinity. When the explosion occurred, many people are Walk in the direction of the mosque."

No organization or individual has claimed to have created this incident.
March 21 is at the Nurem Festival, and celebrations are taking place throughout Afghanistan. At the same time, Afghan security forces have also strengthened nationwide security and security.