2019 The most expensive city in the world of living costs Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore tied for first place

 March 21, according to Malaysia's "Sin Chew Daily" report, a few days ago, the British Economist Intelligence Unit released the 2019 Global Cost of Living Survey, Hong Kong, Paris and Singapore together become the most expensive city in the world. where to buy fake diploma, how to get fake degree, how much for a fake certificate.

According to the report, the survey assessed more than 150 items of goods and services in 133 cities around the world. Hong Kong ranked fourth in 2018, tied for first place this year for the first time, and Singapore won the championship for six consecutive years.

The author of the report, Slav Chava, said that this is the first time in more than 30 years that three cities have taken the first place, indicating that cities with expensive living costs around the world are becoming more and more similar.




She said, “The cost of cities where traditional living expenses are expensive is getting closer... It proves the phenomenon of globalization and shows that people’s tastes and shopping patterns have become similar.”


        Slav Chava said: "Even if the cost of groceries is relatively cheap, the cost of water, electricity, electricity or transportation still pushes up the overall cost of living."




According to the survey, the world's top ten most expensive cities are mainly from Asia and Europe, Zurich ranks 4th, Japan's Osaka rises 6th, and Switzerland's Geneva ranks 5th. New York and Los Angeles are the only North American cities to enter the top ten, with New York rising 7 places, side by side with Seoul and Copenhagen, and Los Angeles tied with 10th place with Tel Aviv.



It is reported that the researchers made the above conclusions by comparing the prices of more than 150 projects in these cities, including cars, food, renting, transportation and clothing.

The survey found that American cities have the highest costs for public facilities and domestic helpers; in Europe, mainly because of the high cost of home, personal care, leisure and entertainment.

As for emerging market cities such as Istanbul, Turkey and Moscow, Russia, the rankings have declined due to factors such as high inflation and currency devaluation.

According to the survey, the world's lowest cost of living is mainly from countries with political turmoil or economic problems. In Venezuela, due to economic inflation and other issues, the capital, Caracas, replaced the war-torn Syrian Damascus.

Bric, an analyst at the Urban Development Center, a British think tank that did not participate in the study, said that the increase in urban living expenses is often due to the active employment market and the attraction of high-paying skilled workers.

Brech said that city planners must plan ahead and build more homes in order to keep prices affordable and thus reduce overall cost of living.